Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Erica Durance & Mr. Will-W.
What makes upcoming Medical Drama Saving Hope so unique is how distinctively Canadian it truly is. Not only is it set in Toronto, but  its Cast also is Canadian through and through. Taking place in Toronto's Hope-Zion Hospital, the Series centers around a Couple, Charlie (Michael Shanks) and Alex (Erica Durance), both whom are Surgeons. After suffering a  horrific Car Accident, Charlie is left in a Coma. Unable to decipher whether he's a Ghost or not, Charlie wanders the halls of the Hospital, as his Fiancée and her fellow Doctors work feverishly to save his and others' lives. Saving Hope also stars Daniel Gillies, Salvatore Antonio, Julie Taylor Ross and Benjamin Ayres

I had the privilige earlier of chatting with the Series' Star Durance, whom many of us might remember from Smallville, prior to a busy day on on-set in the City's west-end. I asked her whether or not we can expect a Love Triangle Story Line in the Series between her Character, Gillies' Joel and Shanks' Charlie.  She tells me, "I think in any Story you will find a Love Triangle in it, but what makes Saving Hope different is that it has that supernatural aspect to it.".   

Durance has nothing but praise for her two fellow Co-Stars, telling me "Michael and Daniel are amazing in this.  You'll see on June 7th!".  Although I had visited the Set last week, I had learned that they were filming a v. emotional scene that day.  Today the Cast and Crew were filming a less intense scene fortunately, which we eventually will see in the Series' eighth Episode .... it surely will be worth the wait!

Saving Hope premieres ThursdayJune 7, 2012 at 9:00 PM EST in a Plum Timeslot on CTV and NBC. Watch a Promo Spot for the Series here.

Durance was lovely enough to sign a Photo for my Readers and she was curious to see who will win it!

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(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)