Monday, April 2, 2012


The Wanted & Mr. Will-W.
I had an early morning Chat with some of the Boys of The Wanted as they head off to their first of two big days of Press today in Toronto and wow, was it an experience!

I will start off by being v. candid with you and open-up about some personal issues I have been plagued with over the past year. In addition to a negative-spirited "Bully Blogger" - whom I refuse to validate - continuing to discredit myself with all sorts of sensationalized disparaging remarks about me, another Individual who dislikes me greatly, has gone to great lengths to tarnish my name. He has contacted Publicists and Security Teams over the past year trying to thwart opportunities for me.  

Over the past week I was contacted by Publicists on multiple occasions after arranging opportunities for me and my Blog.  They found it puzzling and disturbing to have received e-mails from this Individual with a fictitious e-mail address: under the name "Brian Patterson" (real name: Kyle A.) - not to be confused with a local Entertainment Photographer of the same name. These e-mails allege that I am a "violent, dangerous offender" and include Photo attachments of me, taken and edited from my Blog. He has gone as far as to suggest that I should be kept away from those I am scheduled to interview. This Individual, who has a long-standing history of harassing others online - some including Minors, threatening to show-up at their Schools - has continued to exhibit disturbing behaviour despite requests for him to cease. It is confirmed that multiple Police Reports do indeed exist for him and that he has been blacklisted from certain venues around the City.

Yesterday when meeting some of the Boys from UK Boy Band The Wanted, their Security Guard Kevin had approached me, telling me "Somebody out there really dislikes you!" and proceeded to show me a similar e-mail he had received recently before other Witnesses.  I clarified to him that this actually was nothing new to me.  I have in the past for no apparent reason been shoved by Security Guards and told to leave venues without any explanation and now I understand fully the reason why.  I also had received reassurance from an Individual at The Wanted's Canadian Record Label indicating that they too had received a similar message and that they will not be actioning it, being fully aware of my Blog and support for their Artists.

Earlier today - believe it or not - I crossed paths with "Brian Patterson" whom I have met on occasions in the past and have exchanged e-mails with, confirming his identity to Kevin, who looked absolutely gobsmacked that this Person would have the audacity to show-up trying to meet The Wanted. When questioned, the Individual denied sending offending e-mails, drawing a look of disbelief from Kevin, who then shook his head at me.  He then watched as I reprimanded that Individual, explaining how I see no clear justification to why he continues to slander me, wasting not only my time in having to clear my name when I've done none wrong, but also wasting the time of others whom clearly have more pressing concerns. This Individual then asked me, "Why did you do that? I was going to apologize to you after and clear things up!", which was heard by Kevin and in itself can be seen as an admission of wrong-doing. Yes, Celebrity Blogging is a serious business Boys and Girls.

Kevin then explained the situation at hand to Band Members Jay and Tom and they both smiled, giving me a thumbs-up, with the former giving me a high-five for laying down the line. Despite this being the case I still explained to Jay, "I won't be upset if you greet him (the Offender) as he too is a Fan", and even offered to take their Photo for them because that's the type of Person I am truly.  "Oh no, I'm fine", said the Offender in his high-pitched voice.

I will clarify it once and for all publicly that I wish for contact to cease from this Individual.  Despite my asking him to end all contact with me, he continues to Tweet and e-mail others slandering me. Witnesses confirmed last week that he went as far as to Tweet from a now defunct account (@eyehateyouxxx) what he believed to be my place of Residence, Photos of myself and also weapons in hopes of creating the illusion that I am a threat. I wish him absolutely no harm despite his allegations that I am somehow "dangerous".  I do not welcome contact of any form from this Individual and I certainly will not let anyone interfere with my right to be a Fan and to enjoy my Life however I choose.  Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven is all about the spirit of being a Fan, celebrating Celebrity and it always will be.

That being said, I did get an opportunity to chat with Jay who noticed my Mockingjay Pin (coincidence!) from The Hunger Games, telling me that he really wants to see the Movie v. much, even though he has had little time. It is said the Boys have only a handful of days off in this busy 2012.  Jay tells me he's really nervous about this Press Day to which I reassured him, he'll be fine and that he can expect tons of screaming Girls at every Outlet he visits today and also their Autograph Signing today at Bramalea City Centre.  "I hope they don't boo at us!", he laughs in modesty.  Yeah, I highly doubt it.

Before I left for the day, I managed also to get Jay and Tom to add their Signatures to this Signed Photo I am giving away to one lucky Reader. Remember to enter if you want it!  Details here.

Have fun if you're going out to see The Wanted tonight!  In addition to being on MuchMusic's New.Music.Live, they'll be on CityTV's Breakfast Television tomorrow.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)