Friday, April 20, 2012


Keisha Castle-Hughes & Mr. Will-W.
She holds the distinction of being the youngest Actress ever to have garnered an Oscar nomination and if she looks familiar, that's because many of you know her for her work in 2004's acclaimed Whale Rider.  Then at age 11, New Zealand-born Keisha Castle-Hughes rose to international stardom with her outstanding performance in that Niki Caro Film.  Since then, she has appeared in The Nativity Story and Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith, juggling being an Actress and a Mother to Felicity-Amore.

The Actress currently is in Toronto working on a Pilot for SyFy Network Series Rewind, which has her starring as Priya, a Historian who travels back in time to change events in order to prevent a Terrorist Attack from happening. Think Quantum Leap, but more political.

The lovely Castle-Hughes is enjoying a break from filming right now and tells me she is having a wonderful time in Toronto, having enjoyed a bit of shopping, a Blue Jays Game yesterday and also a Marlies Game tonight with a close Friend.  She was even decked-out in a cute Marlies Toque, in full-on Torontonian mode!  To be honest, before today I didn't even know whether the Marlies were a Hockey Team or a Baseball Team and I like to consider myself a proud Torontonian! Go, Keisha!

Rewind is slated to wrap early May, and also stars The Help's Shane McRae.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)