Friday, March 30, 2012


Still from Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror knows exactly what it is, but did the Public and Media know that when they started pitting it against "that other Snow White Movie" which hits theatres this June?  Retelling the classic Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale and taking a few comedic liberties with it, Director Tarsem Singh (The Immortals, The Cell) has a bit of fun with it all and so should you.

The Comedy is told from the perspective of The Evil Queen (Julia Roberts) who controls an impoverished Kingdom, while at once  obsessively being aware of her own vanity and age, driving her at all costs to ensure that she remains fairest of all.  Threatened by porcelain-skinned Beauty Snow White (Lily Collins), the  stakes are increased significantly after the 18-year-old attracts the attention of handsome Prince Alcott (Armie Hammer) whom The Evil Queen also has her eyes set-on as a potential Husband; a Marriage between herself and Prince Alcott would bring her riches, saving her destitute Kingdom also.

Brighton (Nathan Lane) - The Queen's Assistant - is assigned the task of murdering Snow White and after failing to do so, she escapes into the Forest where she is taken-in by a team of seven pint-sized Rebels who trainer her to become The Evil Queen's most powerful Opponent yet.  Will The Evil Queen prevail in ridding-of Snow White and who will Prince Alcott once again cross paths with Snow White, his true love, after she goes missing?

Although most of us already know the tale of Snow White, much of Mirror Mirror is dependent on the deliciously evil performance by Roberts who appears to enjoy herself immensely, getting an opportunity to deal with some of her own personal insecurities. While she was in Toronto back in 2010, the beautiful Roberts told myself and a group of Fans candidly that she refused to be photographed without Makeup as an "aging Woman in Hollywood" (read about it here).  

The hilarious Lane is cast as the fumbling Brighton in a role that seems almost as if it were written for him and Hammer just might break a heart or two appearing shirtless as much he is fully-clothed, stretching his wings comically after a few intense roles in J. Edgar and The Social Network.  And how could one help but not cheer for the adorable and delightfully fun seven Rebels?  Although the stunning Collins captivates on-screen, she still has a bit of growing to do as an Actress to maintain a presence against some of the Heavyweights she ambitiously has been paired beside.

Mirror Mirror without delving too deeply into the dark side of the Brothers Grimm Tale, serves as a good choice for a weekend afternoon - visually enticing and cheerful enough for the little Kids, yet chalk full of naughty little innuendos for the big Kids.  Alliance Films releases throughout Canada March 30, 2012.

And look who came to our Screening of Mirror Mirror!
Snow White, The Evil Queen and 2 out of 7 Rebels