Friday, March 2, 2012


Paul Potts, Katy Perry, Harvey Weinstein & Mr. Will-W.
Now this is really early in the game, but Vanity Fair reports that Katy Perry was approached by Harvey Weinstein while partying in celebration of the Oscars, to star in one of his upcoming potential projects.  It is said that a Biopic about Britain's Got Talent Winner Paul Potts' is in-the-works and Weinstein is courting Perry to play Julie-Ann Cooper, the Wife of  the Opera Singer whom he had met on the Internet.  

I'm unsure whether or not Perry simply was being kind (as one should) to Weinstein, or whether or not her Cell Phone Network was down at the time because a simple Google query on her Phone would reveal that Cooper substantially is a much larger Woman that the Pop Star.  Would Perry go that far for the sake of Art?  It is reported that Perry went ahead and told Weinstein, "I love a challenge". 

Perhaps this Movie about Potts - who by the way is a kind, lovely Man - will only be a loose adaptation instead inspired by Potts' battle against the odds starring super-gorgeous Actors?  Or maybe it will be animated or in Claymation?

Either way, Weinstein has revealed before that his Daughters Ruth, Emma and Lily are huge Fans of Perry, so surely if not this Role, something could be arranged, hopefully without an tantrum... 

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)