Thursday, November 4, 2010


Paul Potts & Mr. Will-W.
Today was my lucky day as I bumped into Britain's Got Talent winner and now-Opera Star, Paul Potts outside his Hotel.  Potts is in-town promoting his third album Cinema Paradiso, released just last Tuesday.  

Sales have been slow to start for the remarkably gifted Singer who reached number one in nine countries with 2007 debut One Chance, but he is now in full promotional gear for his latest effort.  Having been here for a few days already, he has made appearances on programs like popular George Stroumboulopoulous Tonight and tomorrow night he will be appearing at Crush Wine Bar in the trendy King St. West area, performing selections from his new album.  Just the other night, he had the chance to visit his favourite Barberians Steak House, posting a Tweet on his Twitter page about the meal.

After flashing a bright smile at his amazing Publicist who was with him in his Escalade, their Driver immediately slammed the breaks.  Now get this - she got out, came over and fetched me to his vehicle asking, "Did you want a picture with Paul?", to which I responded with a resounding "Yes.".  Dressed in a Suit and Tie, he came out to greet me and before long, the Paparazzi came out in full force and started snapping away.  Fame!

I wished him well and shook his hand before he headed back into his vehicle and amazingly upon getting home earlier, I found that he had actually Tweeted me this lovely message, "Great to meet you!".  The Paul Potts!!  Speechless.  As in unable to evoke speech!  Sometimes I ask myself what I have done to deserve such good fortunes.

Potts will be appearing on tomorrow's airing of CTV's Canada AM alongside Taylor Swift.  See some wonderful Photos and Video I got of Swift at the taping of her appearance this morning here.

Learn more about Potts' new album from Sony Music on his official website here.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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