Friday, January 20, 2012


Dragon Hello Kitty
That time has come again and Monday, January 23, 2012 we'll be welcoming a new year on the Lunar Calendar, celebrating the Year of the Dragon! One of the things I always look forward to most is reading my Chinese Zodiac Horoscope. As a Dragon myself, this is my Year and as a general rule when you're celebrating your own Year, you don't always have the best fortunes. My Horoscope predicts that I will be even more dramatic, courageous and stronger. Sounds about right!

Click here to read your own Forecast.  I always trust the predictions of Geomancy Hut, which I find accurate.

In case you need a bit of help finding what sign you are born under in the Chinese Zodiac, click here to input your Birth Date.

Happy Year of the Dragon, Mavenati.  To Prosperity, Health and Fulfillment!

(Photo credit: Sanrio)