Friday, January 20, 2012


Still from Haywire
Covert Operative Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) is a wanted Woman. After successfully completing a mission in Barcelona with Aaron (Channing Tatum) to rescue a Journalist held hostage, she is then sent off to Dublin by her Handler Kenneth (Ewan McGregor), where she is paired with Paul (Michael Fassbender)Mallory however, then realizes that she has become the target of a mission and must fight with everything she's got to stay alive, avoid her Pursuers and unravel the true reason behind the hunt in which she has become target.

Director Steven Soderbergh tries something new with Haywire and successfully keeps you on the edge of your seat with his slick storytelling and some riveting Action thrown into the mix.  Fans of Mixed Martial Arts star Carano have plenty to be excited about with some tightly choreographed fight sequences guaranteed to get the audience cheering. Just wait till you see Fassbender get trapped in a Body Scissors hold and lulled into deep slumber.  

As an Actress, Carano delivers her lines solidly albeit one-dimensional at times, and perhaps doesn't react enough to her ultimate betrayal to give us that extra ounce of push towards her.  Even with a stellar Supporting Cast of Men, this all is about her and she manages to carry her weight. Much of Haywire isn't so much dialogue-driven as it is about action and subtext and because key details are unveiled only late, some of the Story as a result is sacrificed.  Nonetheless, it is hard not to be entertained here.  Alliance Films releases Haywire on January 20, 2012.