Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Still from The Iron Lady
"Watch your Character, for it becomes your Destiny.".  Wise words for us all to live by according to Margaret Thatcher.

This new Trailer for The Iron Lady just surfaced and if you weren't already excited about Meryl Streep's chances at Oscar Gold this time around, this just might be enough to make you switch from Team Michelle Williams.  

We get a clearer picture of some of the Story here and from those who have already screened the Film, I gather that this is more of a Love Story between Thatcher and her Husband Denis (Jim Broadbent) versus a lot of Politics which we see in these Trailers.  I am also hearing that the Film focuses much more on the latter part of Thatcher's life after Denis' death and her battle with Dementia.

Watch this latest Trailer:

What do you think? Will this garner Streep her third Oscar?

 January 13, 2011.

(Photo/video credit: Alliance Films)