Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Mr. Will-W. & Olivia Wilde
Despite lots of "boos" heard over the course of the week from Fans waiting at After Parties who didn't get their moment with Olivia Wilde, I can confirm that she is in fact amazing!  The gorgeous Actress here at TIFF with Alliance Films' Butter, made my day by taking the time to greet me and chat for a bit before heading off.  She made a visit to CBC earlier today for a taping George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and told me how much fun she had working with Co-star Jennifer Garner, "She's amazing!  I love her!", she praises.

This Comedy which I screened today, is about an orphaned Girl named Destiny (Yara Shahidi) who develops a Hobby in Butter Carving, but her biggest opponent is the controlling and influencial Laura (Garner) who is ruthless and will go to no stops to win their Town's annual Butter Carving Contest.  Wilde plays a Stripper named Brooke and delivers some of the Film's funniest moments with a fearless performance, out to get payback from Laura and her Husband Bob (Ty Burrell) with whom she has an affair.

Although the Butter Carving here really is a metaphor for meaning in life and carving out one's identity, on the surface its Story reads as a hilarious Comedy, filled with laugh out loud moments.

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