Thursday, August 11, 2011


Suzanne Somers & Alan Hamel in Toronto - August 2011
"Even a 30 year-old who doesn't get enough sleep will look whacked-out.  You stay younger longer when you sleep eight hours a night," says Suzanne Somers before a crowd of 4,000 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  The Power of Women Conference landed in Toronto, luring Actress/Health Advocate Somers to the City to spread her knowledge on Healthy Living, after having last visited in January 2011 for her latest Book, Sexy Forever.  See Photos here from her last visit.

"Cancer was a great gift to me," she reveals.  The Illness had forced her to change her Lifestyle completely after having battled Breast Cancer victoriously ten years ago.  "It taught me to start eating Organic.  Yes, I realize eating Organic is more expensive, but being sick is even more expensive.  We need more Elders of our Tribe again.  This World is a crazy place.".

Somers, dressed befittingly in a glittery silver number, encouraged the Audience to be more aware of their Hormones.  "Hormones keep you healthy and every time you make a choice not to be healthy, sleep enough or be active, you are turning-off switches in your body.".

Before heading-off, the gorgeous 64 year-old proudly brought her Toronto-born Husband Alan Hamel out on-stage with her, showing him off to the Ladies as they joined hands and then exited together.

See more Photos below:

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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