Monday, July 4, 2011


Heather Morris & Naya Rivera kiss in Dublin
Dublin Gleeks got "duble" the shock last night with the conclusion of the Glee Live! In Concert! Tour!  In a skit where Heather Morris' Brittany is to seduce Darren Criss' Blaine, then being confronted by Chris Colfer's Kurt, the audience saw both Kurt and Blaine (known affectionately by Fans as Klaine) go in for a kiss, asserting their love for one another before a sea of screams.

Brittany however definitely wasn't left-out this time either, with Naya Rivera's Santana arriving on-stage and surprising just about everybody by kissing Brittany, adding further to their simmering romantic story line on the Series. Will we be seeing more of Britanna in the coming third season of Glee? Les wait and see!  How fitting for Pride Weekend!

In the meantime watch the exchanging of kisses below:

(Photo/video credit: 20th Century Fox)

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