Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Juliette Lewis at TIFF 2010
Academy Award-nominated Actress and Musician Juliette Lewis currently is in Toronto doing a bit of house hunting as she will be relocating to the City early August.  Lewis has been cast in NBC's Legal Thriller/Drama series The Firm, based upon the same John Grisham Novel as the acclaimed 1993 Sydney Pollack Film.  Lewis has been cast alongside Josh Lucas and both were in Toronto just last September for the Toronto International Film Festival.

While in-town, Lewis was spotted dining on the patio at ONE Restaurant in Yorkville dressed in hot pink. Just this past weekend, she attended the Calgary Stampede and after completing her hunt here, she will be headed back to Los Angeles for a bit of packing.

The Firm is set to begin production early August 2011 and will wrap April 2012.  Check out NBC's official website for the Series here.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


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  4. The Calgary Stampede is one big white trash circle jerk!

    So they're filming the tv series, The Firm, in Toronto? Why would they do that? How is it any cheaper to film in T.O., with the high CDN dollar, than it would be in LA?

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