Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hey Mavenati!

I'm sure you've got lots to catch-up on here with all the Posts coming in this week.  I'm going to take a couple days to catch a breather and nurse Billy who just came out of a successful Surgery earlier this evening.

Here's a bit of Toronto Gossip for you to process, while I get a moment to recover:
  •  Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are in Stratford (not Toronto as some Gossip sites are stating) right now enjoying some quiet time.  So far, they've hit-up some local Ice Cream Shops, the Mall, the Park and Swiss ChaletHow sweet!  Click here and here to see some Photos.  Gomez of course is hosting the MuchMusic Video Awards on the 19th here in Toronto.  Is it possible she might actually be in-and-around until then?
  • Colin Farrell has been spotted looking incredibly sexy and filled-out around Yorkville with multiple Readers sending in their sightings.  One Reader Brienne tells me this past Sunday she saw him walk by ONE Restaurant, crossing paths unknowingly with Mark Wahlberg who was lunching in the Patio at the time.  Farrell, now filming Total Recall by Director Len Wiseman was seen posing with Fans earlier this week in a barely-there Tank Top in this Heatwave.
Mark Wahlberg & Mr. Will-W.
  • Speaking of Wahlberg - whom I spotted this weekend and snapped a Photo with (see right) - Shinan Govani at the National Post delivers the scoop that the Oscar-nominated Actor is actually Condo-hunting, with his eyes set on a new Home in Toronto.  Click here to read more.
  •  American Pie Alumni Jason Biggs and John Cho were both staying in the same Hotel in Yorkville recently - but did they even realize it?  Biggs appeared to be here for pleasure, celebrating his Wife Jenny Mollen's Birthday together before heading back to Atlanta.  Cho is one of the latest additions to the Cast of Total Recall and apparently is sporting some bleached Blond hair right now.
  •  This was a busy week for the major Canadian networks with their Upfront Parties being held this week for the Fall 2011 Television Season.  Shaw flew-in Glee Cast members Dot Marie Jones and Iqbal Theba, plus an already in-town Matthew MorrisonMorrison greeted Fans inside the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts for a full five minutes before having to head off to London for the next leg of his Debut Album's Promotional Tour.
  • Everyone's talking today about Robert Pattinson's Burgundy Pants which he was seen sporting today on the set of CosmpolisClick here to see them.  Filming again at a Diner in Little Portugal today, even more (reportedly up to 30) savvy Fans waited around his Trailer hoping to catch a glimpse of him.
    • Oh, by the way - did you want to see Pattinson's Kitchen Window?  One Insider who has been inside his Trailer pointed out to me that the Vehicle is equipped with a Shower and Kitchen, the latter which is located right at the back (see below).  I doubt that he has used the facilities much though with Craft Services and trusty Set Hands delivering his Meals to him during Filming breaks.
    Pattinson's Trailer Kitchen Window

    That's that for now.  And yes, that Robert Pattinson Signed Magazine Giveaway is coming soon.  Stay tuned...

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