Sunday, June 12, 2011


Len Wiseman & Mr. Will-W.
Director/Writer Len Wiseman is responsible for the internationally-successful Underworld Franchise and he has been in Toronto for the past month working on a remake of Total Recall starring Colin Farrell, who we spotted last week.   A fourth installment titled Underworld: New Dawn shot recently in Vancouver, is due in theatres next year and to-date its predecessors combined have earned nearly $300 million worldwide.

I spotted Wiseman at Starbucks today while grabbing an Americano, which he also happened to be ordering from the Bar, with a Snack.  The handsome California native donning a Knit Cap and multiple layers on this chilly Afternoon, was nice enough to pose for a quick Photo together before getting ready for a Dinner Date with one of my favourites, the beautiful Kate Beckinsale.  The Actress also stars in the new Wiseman project filming in the City.

In a random act of kindness last Sunday, onlookers tell me that Wiseman and Beckinsale had treated a Homeless Man to some icy Starbucks beverages.  Amazing!  And almost as nice as once incident back during TIFF 2009 when Farrell had taken a Homeless Man out, buying him some new clothing!

The $200 million-budget Total Recall continues to film at Pinewood Studios through early September and we should soon be expecting Stars Bryan Cranston and Jessica Biel here too.  In a bit of casting news, Will Yun-Lee is the most recent addition to the Ensemble.  He also is here filming Cobu 3-D with BoA and Derek Hough (both spotted at the Glee Live! In Concert! show last night).


  1. "before getting ready for a Dinner Date with one of my favourites, the beautiful Kate Beckinsale."

    LOL! Will, you say that like they're going on a first date. You do realize Len has been married to Kate for more than 7 years now, right?

    Thanks for the article.

  2. Thanks for the info. Hopefully next time you'll get your pic taken with Ms. Beckinsale.

  3. Oh you are lucky Mr. Will!

    Thanks a lot for sharing the story about a homeless man. It was truly nice of them!

    And Kate Beckinsale is like the most gorgeous person ever, EVER. I'd die if I had a chance to meet her. :)

  4. Me too! I did spot her the other day but she was in a hurry. Maybe next time. Love her!!!