Sunday, June 5, 2011


Colin Farrell & Mr. Will-W.
As many of you already know, Colin Farrell has been in-town the past few weeks preparing for Len Wiseman's reboot of Total Recall.  With sightings reported of him around Yorkville training aggressively for his physically-demanding role as Hauser, the Irishman who just turned 35 this past Tuesday was spotted coming out of Whole Foods earlier today at Hazelton Lanes, grabbing a bit of Takeaway with a Friend. 

Meeting him for a second time (the first time back at TIFF 2009), he was kind and Fan-friendly as always to stop and pose for a couple Photos, but not before covering up with a long-sleeve French Sailor Tee when noticing Paparazzi in his wake. Coming out of the Gym, he had  worn a Tank Top, revealing  his newly-chiseled Body.  "Sorry Guys, I've got to run.  The Paps are here", he apologized as he curtailed the interaction with Fans.  He then ducked his head and headed back towards his Residence, masking his face under his Green Cap.

Just last night, Farrell enjoyed his evening at Rexall Centre in the City's west-end watching Italian Tenor Placido Domingo, in a Kick-off Concert for the Black Creek Summer Music Festival.  Audience members Tweeted quickly after noticing him arrive at the venue, sitting left of the stage.

Total Recall will be filming in-and-around Toronto, with a majority of Production taking place at newly-upgraded Pinewood Studios, up until early September.  Sightings of Co-stars Kate Beckinsale, John Cho and Ethan Hawke have been reported so stay tuned for more...

See a couple more Photos of Farrell below:

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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  1. I dont know how you do it, finding all the celebrities how do you keep track? I haven´t seen anyone in Toronto...