Sunday, April 3, 2011


LIGHTS & Mr. Will-W.
Anyone who disagrees that living Toronto is the most awesome thing ever is a jealous Liar. Just earlier I was out running some errands and while boarding the Westbound Train, I spotted none other than the beautiful and talented Juno Award-winner, LIGHTS.  She was dressed in a knitted Cap, a Hoodie and a thin Jacket fit for this warmer weather we're finally experiencing.

Telling her I was shocked to see her on the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission, for you Out-of-Towners), she smiled at me "Yeah, I live here so I'm always taking it!".

I did interview LIGHTS a couple years back, but to this day have never actually met her, so it was a blessing to have gotten a chance to say "hi" properly. Click here to read my Interview with her.

After asking her about her new Music she quietly revealed to me, "I'm not supposed to say, but the new Album will be out in August".  I probed for a few more details to what the Sound will be like on the new Disc seeing that the Jian Ghomeshi Prodigy seems to have carved an Electropop niche for herself on debut The Listening.   She told me, "You're going to be shocked.  It's totally different from my last Album!". 

Coincidentally, LIGHTS got off at my stop and after asking nicely, she agreed to taking a Photo together on the Train before we both got off as onlookers soon began realizing there was someone famous in their presence.  She was so sweet and shook my hand, telling me it was nice to meet me.  AwwLove her.  Careful not to be a Creeper, I detoured over to a separate exit to give her some space.

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  1. !! What an awesome chance meeting! I love love love Lights and I'm so excited for the new album. It's nice to see a date for it :)

  2. Seems old, shes not wearing her nose ring as she does everytime we see her now. This guy is a big phony!

  3. LOL. Thanks Jordan aka "Mr. Sexy Sex". You're so Gangster in your one-man campaign of Hate. All the best.

  4. What station did you see her? Your so lucky!! I went to two of her concerts and still haven't met her even after the shows.