Sunday, April 3, 2011


On behalf of Billy, I want to thank all of you for your kindhearted messages and support whether it be in-person, through E-mail, Twitter or on Facebook.  I've pretty much been preoccupied these past few weeks nursing him better as he contracted a v. serious Infection.  After not responding so well to his Antibiotics, which actually made him really ill, I was well, left in tears.  He's been getting better by-the-day and is now receiving daily Intravenous treatments.  I'm pleased to say he's more back to his feisty eight year-old self, Bandage and all.  

Anyone who's ever raised a Pet will know that the bond you experience with Him/Her is like that of a Parent and a Child. I adore the little Guy more than anything and sometimes when it feels as though the World is against you or when those I cared about have disappointed me, Billy has always been there for me reminding me that I always have a home.  Thank you. 

With love,

Mr. Will-W.
Public Relations Officer
Billy Inc.


And now for Business Matters (LOL), I will take time to reply to some Mavenati Mail, which I've been meaning to get around to.  I appreciate it when someone takes the time to drop a line whether it be to  send a Tip, correct something I've posted (Yep, I'm not always right!) or to just send their appreciation.  Even though I don't reply to each and every message I get, I try my v. best.  It's not me being a Diva, trust me. 

Keila writes, "Great Blog! I was sent a link to your Blog because my picture is in it. After reading your stuff, now a fan!".  Welcome aboard, Keila!  I'm definitely not the best at what I do, but I work hard to be the best that I can be.  I hope you'll keep visiting and thanks for letting me feature your lovely face!

Sandra writes, "Wow Will, I am in awe of your talent and amount of time that you spend doing this. You are wonderful. I don't always comment but maybe I should so you know that I am paying attention.  Fabulous writing and insightful. Thank you.  Love your stuff.".  What, you don't love me?!??  Only my stuff??!  LOL.  Thanks Sandra, I do it all for you Guys - my Mavenati.  I laud kindness and want only to keep celebrating that inner-Fan in all of us. 

Glenn Tweets, " ...check out a Friend's Blog also (@mrwillw). He covers every Celeb in Toronto!!".  Thank you, Glenn!  Your support means so much to me and although I wish I had the bandwidth to fulfill your claim of being able to "cover every Celeb in Toronto", I do my best to bring stories which I feel both my Readers and I would be interested in.  There are others in this City who are much better than I am at Celebrity coverage and above that, they have been at it much longer than I have.  I am not a Competitor but  instead an additional Voice and hope that they see me this way.  I want to be able to learn from others and help others learn.

Liana writes, "OMG. You are my new favourite person!  You make great TV!".  Thank you Liana!  I hope to be more public in the near future, making Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven not only a Blog, but an experience.   I do have an attention-hungry side and admit that, but I mean well underneath all the showiness. I am glad you enjoyed my CP24 appearance recently!

Charlotte writes, "I just checked out your Blog and it is really cool. It's really nice to get Celeb news from a more professional standpoint. Really nice photos.".  I appreciate it, Charlotte.  I'm just a Boy having fun with my Point & Shoot Camera and out living my dreams.   I've never really thought of myself as a "professional", but more so a Fan with something to say.

And although shocking, it is always flattering when Readers ask to have their Photos taken with me.  Last week at the Juno Awards Red Carpet, I got to meet one of my most loyal Readers Angela and was so touched that she asked her Dad to take a Photo of us.  Of course, I obliged!  And later in the week at the Premiere of Scream 4, another Reader Tara tried snapping a Photo of me while I was buying Popcorn.  I then grabbed her iPhone and took a Photo of us much to her surprise.  Hope I didn't scare her.  Ladies, this one's for you!

Mr. Will-W. & Angela
Tara & Mr. Will-W.

Thank you and keep 'em coming!  How else will I keep my jumbo head inflated?


p.s. All Honey, no Vinegar.

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