Sunday, April 3, 2011


Owen Wilson
In an absolute surprise, I crossed paths with Owen Wilson in Yorkville today.  It was learned later that he is in-town catching up with BFF Woody Harrelson, who currently is hard at work on his self-written and directed Play, Bullet for Adolf, to open later this month at University of Toronto's Hart House Theatre.  Dressed casual in a Purple/Gray Track Suit and T-Shirt, Wilson's wispy hair and charismatic nose could be spotted a mile away.

Wilson was camera-shy when approaching him for a Photo together.  "I'm just here for a walk and just got here" he said in his Southern drawl, "No pictures please".  And so I put my Camera away.  "I'll sign an Autograph if you want", but unfortunately I had no Memorabilia on-hand for him.  He then struck up a bit of a conversation asking me, "Where's good to go so that people won't notice me?" as he nearly landed himself in the Dinnertime Traffic of the bustling area.  I devised a quick route for him to take to avoid being seen, but it didn't work as he sparked a number of Twitter sightings shortly after.  Oh well, I tried.

Both he and Harrelson caused quite a stir among Diners at acclaimed Lee in the City's King St. West area as they sat down to have a quiet Dinner together.  One onlooker on Twitter noted, "They aren't dressed for the occasion".  Boys will be Boys.  Later in the evening they were spotted at the on Prince Arthur Avenue in Yorkville playing Pool, followed by a bit of Club Hopping at Amber.

There may be an Autograph from Wilson to one deserving Fan surfacing shortly as part of my Giveaways. Stay tuned.   Hmm....

(Photo credit: Sony Pictures)

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  1. Hey, I guess now with twitter having such a broad reach, it's impossible to go unseen for very long. It's a shame though really, because it would get old quickly when you are just trying to catch up with an old friend.

    ~ Corey