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Mary Jo Eustace
It was a great pleasure to finally meet a Woman whom I admire and adore v. much this evening - Toronto's v. own Mary Jo Eustace.   In-town from Los Angeles promoting her latest Cookbook, Cooking for Your Cub, a full day of Press was lined-up including interviews with CTV's Canada AM and Entertainment Tonight Canada. Many of you might remember Eustace from Life Network's What's for Dinner and more recently W Network's He Said, She Said, which she co-Hosts alongside Ken Kostick.

A few years ago when I was promoting my own Music, I remember receiving a lovely e-mail from Eustace who then hosted What's for Breakfast? on PROUD-FM, telling me what a Fan she was of my Track Connection.  On multiple occasions she would profess her love for the Track on-air and after stepping-down from her position at the Station shortly after, I never got a chance to tell her how much her support meant to me. As is the case in life, everything comes Full Circle as we crossed paths at a private Top Chef Canada Viewing Party tonight at Hazelton Hotel.

Eustace & Mother
The gorgeous Eustace gave me a big hug, having recalled me right away.  She did admit to me that she wears Bifocal Contacts Lenses and that her eyes were a bit strained after a long day. Asking me about whether or not I've been working on Music much of late, I told her that much of my energy has been spent on my Blog.  She offered me her full support herself being a perfect example of someone who has found a wonderful life balance doing a bit of everything she loves.

Eustace enjoyed tonight's Screening alongside with her charming Mother, enjoying some Popcorn (yes, there is such a thing as Chocolate Popcorn) together and encouraged us to dish on which Top Chef Contestants we found attractive during the Broadcast.

A Mother of three, her Profile if anything has been raised from the Publicity surrounding her 2005 Divorce from ex-Husband Dean McDermott, now married to Actress Tori Spelling. She has experienced  much success since making it through that difficult phase of her life, channeling it into her work as an Author, penning Relationship Books such as a Best-seller Divorce Sucks.  Currently, she serves as a Consultant on The Joy Behar Show

What differentiates Eustace's Cooking for Your Cub from your standard cooking-on-the-go fare is that she was called-upon by CougarLife.com (a dating Website for Older Women seeking Younger Men and vice-versa) Founder Claudia Opdenkelder to concoct some tasty Recipes to entice her own younger Lover and at once, nourish their love.

Opdenkelder acknowledges fully that she is no Julia Child in-the-kitchen, thus seeking the expertise of Sous- Chef Eustace, who tailored a collection of Recipes to the level of skill people who like me, are too bloody tired to Cook... let alone devise an elaborate plan of Seduction for our Lovers.

Not only is Cooking for Your Cub a Cookbook, but also it gives advice on Wine pairings, Fun Facts about Ingredients - including which ones are more likely to turn-on your Partner - and also some inspirational quotes from famous Cougars. The Dishes themselves are aptly-named after the likes of Kim Cattrall, Olivia Newton-John, Nicolette Sheridan and more.

Cooking for Your Cub hits stores on Tuesday, April 25, 2011 and actually is already sold-out on Amazon!

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(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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