Thursday, April 14, 2011


Charlie Sheen at Massey Hall
It's been a while since Toronto has witnessed this much Star Power and Charlie Sheen since arriving yesterday via a Private Jet at Toronto Pearson International Airport, has had the City all abuzz with talk about him and his Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is not an Option Tour.  Fans and Media alike have staked out his Hotel, the Ritz-Carlton in hopes of a glimpse.  Simply put, it was chaos outside Massey Hall upon Sheen & Co.'s arrival around 7:30 PM this evening.  Everybody wants a piece of him.

Just earlier, Ontario's Health Promotion Minister Margarett Best had issued a warning to Sheen concerning our Province's anti-indoor Smoking Laws.  Even Sean Penn's Celebrity Power couldn't grant him special treatment, having been slapped with a $600 fine by Toronto's Health Department back during TIFF 2006.  Massey Hall could have faced up to a $100k fine should Sheen have been found to be smoking within the venue.

TMZ reports that Sheen, who has smoked on other stops of his Tour on-stage, apparently found a way to work around the Law, lighting up an Electronic Cigarette before the audience.  If this is what Sheen calls "winning", then it was a sneaky victory, indeed!

Earlier in the evening, I spotted this lovely Sheen Fan (above) who told me that she works at St. Michael's Hospital, just across the road from Massey Hall.  Having been on Sick Leave for a while, Sheen's visit was just what she needed to lighten her spirits.  She went to T-Shirt Maker Bang-On and made things that bit more festive, with a Shirt that read "I'm on a Drug called Charlie Sheen".  On the back of her Shirt was an image of a bloody Tiger, which read "Tiger Blood" and "Winning" - nonsensical ramblings from the former Two and a Half Men Actor, which the Public has embraced with fervour. The Fan had bought herself a Floor Seat for the Show, telling me "I can't do anything to help him myself, but I can only hope that he gets better.".

Shot7News got a lovely fantastic snap of Sheen.  See it here.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. that photo is of Charlie Sheen's body guard, not Charlie. terrible shot, and even more terrible blogger.

  2. Ouch, Buddy! Sorry you feel that way. Thanks for visiting anyway.