Friday, March 18, 2011


Absolutely spellbinding.  Limitless is 2011's first sleeper Hit and perhaps Bradley Cooper's finest performance to-date.  Cooper plays Eddie Morra, a struggling Author and chronic underachiever who is turned onto a Miracle Drug called NZT by his former Brother-in-Law Vernon (Johnny Whitworth) who gets murdered on a ransack in his flat.  Eddie, desperately tries to locate a hidden stash of the Drug after experiencing the ability focus like never before, tapping into potentials never reached before with his mind; he becomes invincible. 

Eddie's Current Girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish) has just about had enough of his slacking, until she herself witnesses his dramatic change.  Eddie then peaks the interest of Tycoon Carl Van Loon (Robert DeNiro), possibly striking a deal that will make him a Millionaire many times over.  He learns soon though that because the Drug is untested and that it could kill him potentially should he stop taking it.  All the while, he is in serious danger of being killed when it is learned that Eddie possesses a supply of that coveted NZT.

Director Neil Burger in this fourth effort (previous Films include The Lucky Ones and The Illusionist) proves that he's a force the be reckoned with in this Cronenberg-esque adaptation of the Novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn.  One-part Science Fiction, one-part Action and all-parts a Thriller, Burger brings out fantastic work in this talented Cast, keeping us guessing Eddie's fate right up to the end. 

What we witness here is a startlingly real roller coaster of transformations from start to finish with the handsome talent known as Cooper.  The lingering sense of the NZT supply running out is omnipresent, making to root for  our chemically-dependent Hero in this odd race-slash-fighjt against time to stay alive.

Jo Willems does some fantastic work with Cinematography, driving us right through the hustle and bustle of a dangerous New York City at lightning fast pace, giving the effect that we too are inebriated.

Especially mesmerizing is an intense Cornish with her shining moment being a chase scene leading up to  perhaps the most vicious use of an Ice Skate ever and it must be said that both she and Cooper sizzle on-screen together. Welshman Andrew Howard's performance as the dangerous and loopy Gennady is a revelation for those of us unfamiliar with his work in these parts.

Limitless is released through Alliance Films in Canada and hits theatres Friday, March 18, 2011Grade: A

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