Sunday, January 9, 2011


Memorex 8GB TravelDrive
Everybody needs a Back-up Device in this day and age and the name Memorex has always been synonymous with reliability. In fact, I store many of my Photos and Files on my Memorex TravelDrive and DVD-Rs. On many an occasion my TravelDrive has saved the day, whether it be for storing Photos to be printed and signed by Celebrities as seen in my Autograph Giveaways, or simply storing my Files when my Laptop has failed me.

In this era of the Download, many people are using USB Keys to store Movies and Music as Electronic Devices like Blu-Ray DVD Players now come equipped with USB ports to play your files.  Yes, a Memorex TravelDrive can let you enjoy a Movie or Music with one plug.  No importing from Libraries or wasting Discs, etc.  Just click and drag.

CSN Stores (where you can buy practically anything online from Modern Décor to a Coffee Maker) and Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven want to give one lucky reader a free 4GB Memorex TravelDrive (retail value US $55) to be there for you when all else fails! To qualify for the win, e-mail before February 14, 2011 midnight with your name, subject header: FLASH DRIVE. One entry per reader please; Canadian readers only. Good luck, Mavenati.

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