Sunday, January 9, 2011


Jim Carrey in Black Swan Parody
Jim Carrey hosted Saturday Night Live last night in a triumphant return to the screen after having taken some time off to handle personal issues, including his break-up from Jenny McCarthy.  Although there hasn't been much promotion for his repeatedly-delayed new film I Love You Phillip Morris, this appearance is a perfect reminder why the Canadian Actor is in a league of his own.

Skit after skit was Comedy Gold for Carrey and in particular last night, this Black Swan parody made me laugh uncontrollably. Parodying Mila Kunis' character of Lily, Carrey dons a black Tutu and a pair of - get this - Buffalo Wings  versus Angel Wings tattooed on his back, repeatedly trying to seduce Vincent Cassel's Toma (Bill Hader) from Natalie Portman's Nina (Abby Elliot).  Does he succeed?  You'll see.

Although there might be regional restrictions, you can stream the Clip in full below here from NBC's site:

(Photo credit: NBC)

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