Thursday, January 20, 2011


Ricky Gervais at TIFF 2009
Although Ricky Gervais upset many at Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards with his no holds barred Celebrity attack, he indicated that "twice is enough” and “I’m not going to do it again" on Tuesday when asked whether or not he plans to host a third time. If anything, being mean-spirited was probably the best thing to happen to his career in quite some time.  Everyone's talking about him.  Even an elderly Couple in my Elevator were going on a bout it today ad nauseum.

Today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Gervais did a bit of a reveal wearing DeGeneres' self-branded Underwear in Photos he had e-mailed her.  She then showed the Photos on-air and shockingly, Gervais has lost a lot of weight. 

I saw the Comedian/Actor in September of 2009 when he looked noticably out-of-shape in a form-fitting T-shirt at the Press Conference for his Film The Invention of Lying.  But look at him now!  It seems the weight loss has given him a bit of confidence.  Maybe a bit too much confidence?

Check it out:

(Photo credit: Ricky Gervais/Mr. Will-W.)

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