Wednesday, November 10, 2010


INXS - Original Sin Collaborators
They're back. Australian Rock Band INXS are still without an official Lead Singer since parting ways with Mississauga-born Rockstar INXS winner J.D. Fortune in 2009. That however, isn't stopping them from making the best of what they have still.  On their new album Original Sin due at the end of the month, they have invited Guest Vocalists aboard to re-invent classics from their Catalogue, which has seen over 30 million albums sold worldwide.

It appears that whatever issues the Band had with hard-partying Fortune, they have worked through them as Fortune is featured on their new Double A-Side Single on track The Stairs, released originally in 1991 with vocals by the late Michael Hutchence. They performed together also earlier in the year at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Rob Thomas who continues to be a staple act on Adult Contemporary Radio, does vocals on title track Original Sin.

Other featured Vocalists on the disc include Tricky, Nikka Costa, Ben Harper and Mylene Farmer; the latter two who appear on one of my favourite tracks of all time Never Tear Us Apart. John Mayer appears also on Mystify with some Guitar Work.

Watch an Teaser Video for INXS' new album below:

Original Sin hits stores exclusively in Canada first on November 30, 2010 and the band will be announcing plans to tour next year.


  1. JD FORTUNE ROCKS "THE STAIRS" has a bonus track "Love Is" and definitely still fronts the band!
    He will be front and center for an Australian tour starting in January and headed to Canada with INXS in 2011! Across the Canadian airways "The Stairs" is heavily requested and catching the attention of radio listeners!
    Check out Twitter!!

    JD FORTUNE is a passionate performer that sings the two aforementioned songs BRILLIANTLY!

  2. The Stairs is an AWESOME track! Been listening to it a lot on Canadian radio stations!

    Just had my first listen to the bonus track JD also sang on entitled LOVE IS, and OMG! That song has blown my mind and I can't stop listening to it!

    Will definitely be front row centre when JD and INXS tour in 2011! Can't wait!

  3. After listening to the whole CD, I can definitely say that JD Fortune's versions of "The Stairs" and "Love Is" are the highlights of the album. Both songs are beautifully performed, and the spoken word section of "The Stairs" lends such a power to the lyrics. I can't wait to see JD fronting INXS when they tour North America this year.

  4. I have to say that JD Fortune's rendition of "The Stairs" is the highlight of "Original Sin" INXS's new album. His vocals are superb and he draws us into the song so that the lyrics shine!! He will be touring again with INXS in Canada in early 2011!

  5. Without an official lead singer?! LOL! Guess you haven't heard Kirk and JD's interview with Lana Reed of ABC Kimberley back on July 15, 2010. That's not the focus here, though, Original Sin is. When discussing Original Sin, we must absolutely mention that JD FORTUNE'S rendition of THE STAIRS is phenomenal! His spoken word style on part of this track is powerful and quite moving. JD FORTUNE is the HOTTEST F'N SAUCE and this performance is the latest proof! It's evident how JD played an integral part in introducing, and in many cases, re-introducing a new generation to this great band. If INXS were to record and tour with JD's new music, they could rejuvenate the band and gain acceptance in the same manner that AC/DC did when Brian Johnson filled the void left by Bon Scott. Although JD has his own distinctive style on his solo project, THE DEATH OF A MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, you'll be pleasantly surprised when you recognize the many great influences in his work. This artist simply should not be overlooked because he is not someone else. Listen for yourself on his official website. BTW, I loved Michael Hutchence too.

  6. They saved the BEST for last!
    "The Stairs" is definitely the best track on that album!!
    Performing their own material the other artists are great but performing INXS songs-sorry, JD can show them all how it's done!!
    Two beautiful songs, JD has taken them both-"The Stairs" and "Love Is" and made them his own!! Love them both!!
    JD Fortune - You ROCK!!!