Sunday, October 3, 2010


Goose Paste Shiu Mai
There's a new girl in town and you know she's good when my Parents say so.  Crown Princess Fine Dining only opened a couple weeks ago in Toronto, but easily it has become a threat to its competition as Downtown Toronto's finest Chinese Cuisine. Let me tell you it's frustrating living down here in a locale programmed to think that franchise Manchu Wok and the slightly more genuine Not Just Noodles (Bay x Wellesley) are actually real Chinese Food.   Sure they're tasty, but I'm talking about stuff Chinese people actually eat with their families. It seems all the wonderful Chinese restaurants in Greater Toronto are out in the forest, north of Steeles Ave. - 45 minutes outside the City by subway - where Hong Kong, China and Taiwan's immigrants have set-up their Tents.

No offense to the excellence of sisters Lai Wah Heen (Metropolitan Hotel) and Lai Toh Heen (Davisville x Mount Pleasant) and Dynasty in Yorkville as they are wonderful.  But with the latter rumoured to be closing soon due to its lease expiry, where else are Celebrities like David Schwimmer and Jackie Chan to get their Dim Sum fixes when in town?

Bird's Nest Milk Custard Tart
This location is the latest in a highly successful franchise of Chinese Fine Dining spots around Greater Toronto including Crown Prince (North York) and probably the best of the bunch, Casa Imperial (Birchmount x Steeles).  Sure, you are paying a premium, but the quality is definitely there.  Do yourself a favour and experience the greatness of Crown Princess' Goose Paste Shiu Mai with Caviar sprinkled on-top.  Or about their exquisite (although a tad runny) Birds' Nest Milk Custard Tart?   Phenomenal.  Standard Items like Chicken Feet (not fluorescent red for a change) and Ha Gow are a cut-above the competition  - no thick Dumpling Shells or skimpy-on-the-filling here. The Restaurant Manager was even kind enough to clue us in to their Early Bird Specials for those early risers looking to save a buck or two.

Crown Princess Fine Dining at 1033 Bay St. (at St. Joseph) is outstanding for those of you like I who know Chinatown really isn't Chinatown in Toronto.  Above the taste fanfare is that it truly is a grand experience - great China and Palatial decore have you feeling like The Queen.  Although its website has yet to launch fully, check back soon as it should be up and running shortly.

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