Saturday, October 16, 2010


Zenyatta on November issue of W Magazine
This is amazing and I must commend W Magazine for thinking outside the box in celebrating Women, not only in Human form but Equine also.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the sport of Horse Racing, everything is all about Zenyatta right now.  She is perhaps, the greatest race horse of all time, although this subject always generates a lot of heated discussion as many will say Secretariat was and always will be the greatest.  After all, he does have a movie out in theatres right now.

What makes Zenyatta remarkable is that she's won an unheard of 19 races in a row, remaining undefeated.  Although a majority of these races have come against female race horses, she won the world's most important Horse Race last fall, the Breeder's Cup Classic.... against the Boys.  She became the first-ever female horse to win that race.  This in turn, sealed her fate as Horse of the Year and she is looking well on her way to repeating this feat again this year as she trains for the same race again Saturday, November 6, 2010 at Churchill Downs in Kentucky.   And she's been sharp in all her races so far this season, while originally her Owners were planning to retire her as really she has nothing left to prove other than to break some more records.

Although most of us won't be able to fly out to Kentucky to watch the Championship Day of Horse Racing, the Breeder's Cup will air on both ESPN and ABC.  Amazingly, my brother John has booked out a table for us to watch the races televised at Woodbine here in Toronto over Lunch.  I just may put a couple bucks on a wager for Zenyatta.

The team behind the six year-old mare (equivalent to about 30 in human years), is so on it and they've created a Twitter page for Zenyatta where you can follow her progress in first-person narrative.  She will be appearing on the November issue of W Magazine in a gorgeous photo by Robert Maxwell and write-up by Horse Racing Journalist Steve Haskin.  When's the last time Lady Gaga has been featured on W

Even if you have no plans to tune-in to watch the full afternoon of races, you should at least check out these two minutes of history at 6:45 PM EST.  Go on, Girl!

(Photo credit: Robert Maxwell/W Magazine)

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