Saturday, October 9, 2010


Take That
Before Robbie Williams was Robbie Williams, there was Take That - a five-piece Boy Band who were inescapable in the late '80s if you lived outside North America.  Although they did come over to promote themselves here in Toronto, their popularity never reached that of America's beloved New Kids on the Block, who were in their prime and unstoppable.  I recall seeing Take That on staple Dance Music program Electric Circus which aired on CityTV Friday nights.  A young Williams told host Monika Deol, "We'd be happy if we made even just a bit of the money they (New Kids on the Block) have".  By the late '90s Williams became a worldwide superstar as a solo act.

Take That have reunited with Williams, if you haven't heard.  Their album Progress from Polydor (Universal Music) will be released overseas November 22, 2010. Their comeback single The Flood is produced by Stuart Price who really needs no introduction, but I will do so anyway in case you need a reminder of the greats he has produced: Kylie, Madonna, Scissor Sisters, The Killers.... anyone noteworthy.

The single is euphoric and grand.  A lovely track which probably won't even make a dent on charts in North America, but will be a hit everywhere else in the world.  Listen in full below (courtesy of Universal Music):

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