Thursday, October 28, 2010


Michelle Obama on The Ellen DeGeneres Show
First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to address many issues, including all the criticism President Obama is receiving for not living up to his promise of change.  She indicated that her daughters Malia and Sasha are well-sheltered and spend much of their time watching Disney, so they luckily aren't aware of much of the harsh criticisms.  Overall she felt that both were "doing okay" considering the changes their family has faced over the past two years. Obama indicated that when her daughters do have questions, both Barack and Michelle are honest with their children and let them make formulate their own opinions.

DeGeneres then brought up the topic of Youth Bullying and Obama voiced that:

".... all of these young people regardless of their race, their sexual orientation. They are gifts to us. They have so much to offer and it's just terrible to find out that kids are letting this part of their life define everything about who they are going to be."

Well-said and v. indicative of where we should be, yes?  I couldn't agree more.  Often, I feel that people wear their socially-constructed labels so much that they forget about the many other labels they have in their Wardrobes.  Dig in deep, you'll find something you don't wear often enough in there.  Race and sexual orientation are only a part of who we are, but not all-encompassing.

Former First Ladies like Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton have been clear about their stances on the matter.  Bush, despite not being particularly vocal about it during her husband George's Term, has expressed her support of Gay Marriage as revealed earlier this year on CNN's soon-to-be defunct Larry King Live.  Earlier this week also, she expressed her full support in the fight against Gay Bullying at the Women's Conference in California earlier this week.  

Clinton, despite appearing more pro-Civil Union (like in England) versus pro-Marriage for Gays, spoke publicly a couple weeks ago about Gay Bullying, expressing how she had been saddened by news of the reported suicides.  Clinton stated that "these most recent deaths are a reminder that all Americans have to work harder to overcome bigotry and hatred".  Chop-chop!

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