Friday, October 22, 2010


Margaret Cho & Mr. Will-W.
Comedienne Margaret Cho's unabashed brand of humour needs little introduction.  We know her as "that original funny Asian girl" and her longevity in this business is a true testament to her talent and ability to continue growing in the ever-changing face of Comedy.  Most recently she reinvented herself as a Ballroom Dancer on ABC's Dancing with the Stars where she far from embarrassed herself.  Her last performance paid tribute to Gay Pride with her donning a Rainbow Dress and dancing to Barry Manilow's Copacabana.  America wasn't ready and she garnered the least amount of votes, resulting in her being eliminated all too soon.

Cho landed in Toronto today for her wittily-named Cho Dependent Tour at Massey Hall.  The Tour is in support of her first-ever studio album of the same name released this past August, combining her previously unknown singing abilities with her signature humour.

Surprisingly soft-spoken and mild-mannered in person, a Cosmetic-less Cho was guided out to greet a few fans by her Touring Manager, before heading into the venue.  She had spent most of her day doing Press on her at-capacity Tour Bus, but nonetheless she looked genuinely happy to see her supporters.  Her Manager did much of the talking, making it clear: "She's from California and it's cold out here. You get your pick of one picture or an autograph."  Dressed in striped Leggings and bundled-up in a Faux Fur Coat and Scarf, clearly this California Girl travels prepared.

Amazingly, I got the greatest Birthday Gift of all - a chance to meet Cho and although the moment was v. quick, my impression of her is that she is far more grounded and modest than I would ever have expected.  Cho heads off to Montreal tomorrow night for her next stop-off and to read her updates, you can follow her on Twitter here.

My friend and self-made man of Media Shaun Proulx had the opportunity to interview the legendary Comedienne earlier today for OutTV and I will be posting details on how you can tune in as soon as they are available!

Check out some more pics of Cho below from earlier:

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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