Friday, October 29, 2010


John Leguizamo & Mr. Will-W.
 "I've gotta stop being a Fame Whore, that's what I've gotta do." - John Leguizamo, October 2010

Columbian-born Comedian/Actor John Leguizamo is gearing up for an exclusive eleven date engagement at Toronto's Berkeley Theatre for one man show Ghetto Klown.  The Production which runs from November 9-20, 2010, has him disclosing some juicy stories about  some famous Directors and Stars, whom the Emmy Award winner has worked with in his celebrated career.  Oscar-winner Steven Fisher directs.

Leguizamo visited a couple media outlets recently on his Toronto visit like Sun TV's Inside Jam and CBC's George Stroumboulopoulous Tonight.  He revealed to Stroumboulopoulous that when first presenting his show at more obscure clubs in New York City, he was terrified of reactions considering how personal these stories were to him.  Eventually he developed enough courage to accept that he would have to face the consequences and possible backlash of performing Ghetto Klown, which is said to show some no mercy. The outspoken Actor also revealed a creative and personality clash he had with now-deceased costar Patrick Swayze on the set of To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar and admitted to almost getting into a physical confrontation with him.  But for this and more shocking stories, you'll have to actually watch the show.  Learn more about the intriguing Ghetto Klown here.

Leguizamo actually does update his Twitter regularly and you can follow him here.

Check out some photos of Leguizamo up-close and personal below:

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. Do u know where I can buy tickets? It doesn't say on the site. Any ideas where I can find him? This dudes my hero

  2. Hi Jay. I would recommend either getting there a couple hours early and look for a stage door. Or wait for a bit after the show there. He's really nice. Should have no problem getting something signed by him.

    Try this link for tickets.