Sunday, October 10, 2010


Bruno Mars, Jane Lynch 
& Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live
Glee's Jane Lynch made her long-awaited appearance as host of Saturday Night Live last night and as expected, she delivered the laughs.  The episode however, is a testament to how incredibly funny and talented Kristen Wiig is, as she stole the show repeatedly in skits like Password.  The skit had both Wiig and Lynch playing sassy stars paired with contestants on a game show where they were to give clues to a password to be guessed correctly.  Hilariously, Lynch kept giving away the answers repeatedly in a jumbled sentence which included the word "almost 50 times!".   Wiig also did a hilarious parody of CNN's Budgeting Expert Suze Orman, constantly eluding to a Lesbian relationship she had many years ago with her guest, played by Lynch.

Another highlight of the show was a skit where Lynch played a woman trying to return a bag at the Customer Service Desk of a store with Denzel Washington (Jay Pharoah) as the Clerk.  Pharoah's imitation of the Oscar-winning actor was perfect, accosting Lynch for returning the Bag and then accusing her of being Racist because the bag's brown colour was not to her liking.  Too good.

Lynch also delivered in a parody of Faith Hill singing the theme song to NBC's Sunday Night Football show, showing off her singing chops and proving that she can still sound good without all the production behind Glee.  The song would just not end, entrancing the show's anchors in boredom.

Of course, Lynch and Wiig weren't the only ones who shined last night as musical newcomer Bruno Mars impressed with a performance of his number one U.S. Billboard Hot 100 single Just The Way You Are, donning a Pompadour and a purple Blazer.  The trick to a good musical performance on the SNL stage I've observed, is not having too many band members on the small stage as it takes focus away from the Artist and also, overly-loud backing music results in Artists struggling to hear themselves when singing.  Simple, quiet performances  often work best as Mars showed us below:

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Although NBC's SNL website is a little hit-or-miss in terms of functionality, you can stream most of the skits from last night's episode here.


  1. You can also watch it on the Global TV site. It works a lot better there.

    Also, Will. Do you have trouble with the NBC site? I often try to watch Jimmy Fallon and can't even get the video player to load properly, is that the trouble you were having with SNL?

  2. Do you watch X-Factor Will? I think these guys may quite possibly be the next big thing. Plus with Simon backing them, anything is possible.

  3. Hey Anony1: Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately I only get the loading symbol on many of NBC's videos. Perhaps it's due to traffic or regional viewing restrictions. :(