Friday, October 8, 2010


Jim Parsons, Kunal Nayyar and
 Simon Helberg at eTalk
BAZINGA! was the word of the day in Toronto as three cast members of the number one-rated program The Big Bang Theory flew in for a special taping of eTalk Live at CTV Headquarters on Queen St.  With its season premiere pulling in a stellar 3.3 million viewers in Canada, there was cause for celebration as lucky audience members were treated to Hot Dogs, Chips and Beverages.  Some even lined-up in the wee hours of the morning to get a close spot to the sitcom's stars Kunal Nayyar, Simon Helberg and recent Emmy winner Jim Parsons.

Sitting down for half an hour to chat with Ben Mulroney and Tanya Kim, the cast members revealed many interesting tidbits about the show like:
  • the stairwell featured on the show is actually a decoy, and has three years' worth of Chewing Gum from star Johnny Galecki who was not in attendance today
  • Nayyar who often is seen on the show sipping on his favourite libation, The Grasshopper, revealed that when filming they use a Dairy concoction mixed with green Food Colouring claiming it isn't v. delicious at all
  • Kaley Cuoco who also wasn't in attendance today has a knack for memorizing Scientific terminology, but Parsons claimed that Cuoco and Galecki are the most likely to fumble their lines when filming.  Cuoco recently injured her leg.
  • Nayyar actually is rather amazing at Ping Pong in real life, although his co-stars Helberg and Parsons claim he is unnecessarily dramatic in his exaggerated moves
  • Parsons once was invited to a Ping Pong Tournament organized by Susan Saradon who heard he was great at the sport.  He claimed to have been extremely starstruck.
  • Helberg laughed off jokes that he wears Boys' Size XL clothing on the show
  • Parsons claimed not to know what a Cylon was until he researched it for his role, after Host Mulroney presented him with a Cylon Toaster - often seen on the show.

Guests today also were treated to a special live performance by Toronto's own Barenaked Ladies who are responsible for the wildly successful series' Theme Song.  Before being rushed-off by their PR, the guys took time to pose in Hockey Jerseys which commemorated their achievement of 3.1 million viewers (later corrected as 3.3 million) by CTV.  Later in the day, they along with Barenaked Ladies, were seen at Air Canada Centre enjoying the Leafs vs. Canadiens game.

Check out some more photos I got from eTalk Live today:

And also, check out this video I got of Barenaked Ladies performing The Big Bang Theory Theme Song here.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. wowwow I wish I could have beeen there! Looks like it was great

  2. I was there. FUN FUN - But way too crowded with a poor stage set up which prevented alot of people from seeing !

  3. Mary - it was great! Makes me want to watch the show more now! And it doesn't hurt that "Blossom" is now on the show.

    Mark - Sorry to hear about the situation. A number of people are going on about wanting to complain to CTV about the standing arrangements.