Sunday, September 5, 2010


Alyssa Milano & Mr. Will-W.
Still gorgeous.  Teen Idol Alyssa Milano is a Survivor, after having found fame in an era where not many are standing today and still getting work in Hollywood.  Many of us who grew-up in the '80s remember her as Samantha Micelli in ABC sitcom Who's The Boss.  Many of us who grew-up in the '90s remember her as Phoebe Halliwell in The WB Network's Charmed.  Although her Film Résumé isn't cluttered particularly, she just wrapped-up filming for 2011 Comedy Hall Pass, the latest from The Farrelly Brothers.  In that film she stars alongside another Survivor Christina Applegate, Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis and Richard Jenkins.

As announced previously, Milano is in-town filming Lifetime Network'Sundays at Tiffany's based on the Novel by James Patterson which is about a Bride-To-Be who is revisited by the present day incarnation of her childhood BFF. She arrived last week as per her Twitter page and has been out-and-about enjoying the city with her co-star Eric Winter, posting a photo of them having Coffee at Holt Renfrew yesterday.  

On a top-secret tip-off, I caught the Actress and Humanitarian on her way out to a late Lunch today with Winter around 3:30 PM and she was just simply amazing.  There is nothing standoffish about Milano at all and that actually is not a surprise.  One of my readers John e-mailed me a personal encounter he had with her after she had discovered that somebody was forging and selling her Autographs.  Personally, she intervened and mailed him an authentic Autograph and get this - reimbursed fans who were cheated.  Wow.

Having been a fan of hers since I was a Kid, admittedly I was a bit Starstruck seeing her in-person for the first time today and I dropped my Camera (thankfully only after we got a picture together!).  Like a Klutz, I fumbled for my Batteries one-by-one off the Sidewalk, wishing her well as she called back "Thank you so much Honey!".  

And of course, I always arrive prepared and Milano was kind enough to personalize a couple photos: one for the Maven himself and one for you, my wonderful readers.  Who wants it?  Leave me a comment why you love Alyssa Milano and I'll pick one winner at random at October 1, 2010 midnight. All are welcome to enter - one entry per reader only please.

More Milano?  You've got it.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. I really like her, I always want her to get the bigger roles, but she seems to be doing just fine.

    Speaking of Charmed, you need to meet/stalk Shannon Doherty - I would die :)

  2. She'll always be Samantha to me, although "Embrace Of The Vampire" blew my mind, hehe. ;) H-A-W-T!

  3. I've been a fan of Alyssa's since her "Who's the Boss?" days. She has become one of my favourite actresses of all time, so much that I even adopted a fansite dedicated to her recently.

    The thing about Alyssa is she's down-to-earth, she cares about her fans, and she cares about humanity. Her humanitarian efforts via her own website as well as via her Twitter are awe-inspiring and they bring hope that the world can be a better place.

    Here's hoping to many more years of Alyssa entertaining us and also helping the world become a better place. :)

  4. OMG! How much I envy you! I want to meet Alyssa too, but I think I don´t have so luck like you have. I love Alyssa from Charmed, as Phoebe she was really amazing! :-) I´m watching Charmed every day (literally). Charmed is the best TV show of whole world and Alyssa is the best actress too. She´s so kind (she´s helping to UNICEF)! No, not only kind, she´s simply great! I love Charmed and Alyssa! ♥

  5. I like her because she is down to earth and has time for the fans unlike many other fame driven celebrities and of course how can you not like her she was on Who's the Boss?


  6. I love Alyssa for her creativity, as well as charity. Every day I read her twitter. I very love Charmed and Alyssa. She was amazing and so sweet. I'd like to see her in the bigger roles in big movies. She deserves it! She is so cute and funny.

  7. Thanks guys! Contest has closed. Winner has been contacted. xW