Sunday, September 5, 2010


Greg Kinnear & Mr. Will-W.
At last!  I've finally gotten a chance to meet the one and only Greg Kinnear. Oscar nominated actor.  Father of Miley Cyrus.  Smoothie Maker.  John F. Kennedy.  Chameleon.

Although I had a chance to visit the set of The Kennedys a couple weeks ago, I didn't want to intrude him as he was hard at work that day.  After being missing-in-action from Yorkville for a bit, it appears his children are back to school after visiting this Summer, and he's on his own again.  But he won't be Homesick for long as he'll be wrapping up filming of in his own words "that Kennedys thing" in a couple weeks.

I did get to chat with Kinnear for a bit as he headed out for Lunch and he was rather impressed at my photo taking skills.  "Wow, you're good.  That was really quick!", after boasting to him that I've mastered "One-Hander" Self-Portraits, which drew a chuckle from him.  Kinnear graciously personalized a photo for me, which I've already had framed too!

With Toronto being a city he knows well after having filmed many a movie here, he told me that he'll be watching a few movies at TIFF next week including the Gala for Casino Jack starring Kevin Spacey and  The Kennedys co-star Barry Pepper whom he's become good friends with; Pepper plays the role of Bobby Kennedy.  Perhaps we'll be seeing more than one cast mates there too at the September 16th Roy Thomson Gala?  

The lovely actor, dresssed-down in a Hoodie, Track Pants, a Ball Cap and the same Tortoise Shell Sunglasses he sported on-set, then shook my hand and headed off.  The crew members of The Kennedys I spoke to all had nothing but praise for Kinnear and they were spot-on.  And by chance I ran into him a second time on Yonge St. heading south, talking business on his Celll Phone an hour later.  We're practically BFFs now!  Love him.

Check out some another pic I got of Kinnear below and that beautiful photo he signed for me below:

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(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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