Friday, August 27, 2010


Dear Mavenati,

Happy Weekend! I know you've worked hard for it!

Occasionally, I take time out to thank my readers for being so wonderful, and it's been a while since I've dropped a note. Although many of you are quiet Commenting on my Blog, I know you are there, sending me messages on Facebook, Twitter or E-mail, and I want you to know how much I appreciate it.  Without Feedback I don't know how I'm doing.

This week one of my readers Danielle who works in Television, wrote me a thoughtful note about my stance on photographing Celebrity Children in one of my Katie Holmes posts. Danielle writes, "It makes me feel good there are people like you that exist in the world because this can be a scary business for someone with children.... You have my respect, Will. Thanks for having the decency to photograph children only when you are welcomed to do so." Danielle, thank you. Even though I'm not a parent, I understand completely what it means to be protective of your children. I for one, wouldn't want strangers taking photographs of my children. 

Dean wrote this note to me earlier this week, "Dude, your blog is blowin' up! That is insane! It is always well written and entertaining, but seriously, you are on to something craaazeee." Dean, thank you! I try my best to remain humble always and I only do all of this for you guys and the love of Pop Culture. I'm just as happy having 100 readers as I am having 1,500, but I'm so thrilled to have you aboard this journey as Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven's popularity continues to grow. I appreciate your loyalty!

Another reader Max Tweeted today to his Followers, "Follow Friday: the inimitable Mr. Will-W. - gossip, pop culture, music downloads and reviews, and general loveliness: @mrwillw". Thank you, Max.  Often people are quick to take, but few remember to give back.  This Tweet made my Friday!

Anonymous (I.P. Address Hamilton of Cogeco), who makes a chore of reminding me at least once or twice a week that I'm a Stalker, wrote "Stalker, I'm reporting you to the set people" and "Get a real job Will" the other day.  I appreciate that you comment at least, Anonymous.  Just to clarify, I do have a proper 8 to 4 job - 40 hours a week and sometimes even more than that - perhaps that wasn't clear to you.  This is my 6 to 12 job. Secondly, I never go where I'm not welcome.  I am proud of my work and don't see anything wrong with what I do ethically.  Blogging is one of the things in Life that brings me the greatest joy and pleasure.  I pour a lot of heart into what I do - please don't spoil this for me and my readers who genuinely love and support me.  I know that even though you seem to disapprove of what I do, I still appreciate the five to 13 times you visit my Blog every day.  Sending you some love and gratitude.  x

Angela dropped a line to tell me, "I read your Blog every single day and absolutely LOVE it!!!... I love seeing all your photos and everytime i see you with a new celeb just know i am clapping and giggling with joy ;-)".  Angela, meeting Celebrities is one of the most thrilling highs in life and I'm so thrilled that I give you that bit of a pleasure to make your day.  Your note was v. sweet and yes of course, I'd love to have a Coffee with you.  Thank you.

September will be an exciting month with TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) coming up.  Expect things to be v. busy on my Blog in the coming weeks with some Television and Radio appearances lined-up.  And if you haven't added yourself on Facebook as a Fan or a Follower on Twitter, I'd appreciate it if you did.  There will be lots of fun and exciting Giveaways for you, Mavenati

Please keep being generous with the feedback.  I love it.  I do this all for you.



  1. Will, your boundless enthusiasm gives me (and many others, I suspect) a lift whenever I read your blog (or see you in person, for that matter!). It is also educational for me, since I usually don't recognize most of the celebrities and am blissfully unaware of their comings and goings.


  2. Have fun with TIFF Will! Looking forward to the blogs.


  3. Keep up the good work babe! I especially love that I get to tag along to some events hehe :)