Saturday, August 28, 2010


When she's not causing a stir on the Internet about her weight fluctuations or dating Football Players, public personality Jessica Simpson is busy at work with her Jessica Simpson Collection fashion line.  Now before you roll your eyes at me, know that last year her fashion line brought in $500 million in profits.  

Say what you will about her, but something tells me that the joke might actually be on us for under-estimating her intelligence and longevity.  One must commend her for having enough balls to accept that even though the public has lost interest in her music, they still are interested in her and that she's simply going where the money is. Come to think of it, I might have an album or two of hers in my CD collection somewhere....

Canadian fans can now celebrate as Simpson just launched her  clothing line at The Bay at select locations across Canada.  For a peak at what you can expect to find on the racks at Canada's favourite Department Store, click here.  To find which locations are carrying Simpson's creations, try here.

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