Sunday, August 22, 2010


Regardless of the fact that Enrique Iglesias has been out of the spotlight for a good amount of time, his fans came out in full force today at Sears' Toronto Eaton Centre store to show their adoration. Iglesias was cross-promoting both his new album Euphoria, a biligual release in English and Spanish, plus Azzaro Pour Homme for which he appears as the fragrance's new spokesperson. 300-plus lucky fans got a chance to meet Iglesias, and I was one of them.

Regardless how you feel about his music, one cannot deny his accomplishments.  He is one of few artists still standing and getting airplay after finding fame at the beginning of the Millennium.  One cannot deny an artist who has sold over 55 million albums and above that, many of us don't realize that he lived in Toronto for a duration while recording his debut English album Enrique.

A punctual Iglesias armed against the shower of flashing cameras, arrived in a pair of Sunglasses looking in fine form dressed in a T-shirt and Jeans, greeting hundreds - maybe even thousands - of onlookers at the storefront. He even took occasional breaks between signing autographs on-stage to come down to greet those without passes.  Now that's love.

The organizers had a strict no photographs on-stage policy which Iglesias broke for a few lucky fans who convinced him of their loyalty. He even posed with one fan's baby as an exception. I did ask Iglesias if he would pose for a photo, to which he replied "Man, I'd love to - but these guys are gonna kill me. I'm sorry, but I'll sign two autographs for you.  How's that?".  And so he signed a copy of his  superstar-making Escape album for me and an additional photo which I brought along.  There was a one autograph per person rule.

Iglesias met with organizers, store staff and a few lucky fans after the Meet & Greet, leaving the venue just after 5:30. He will be doing additional press tomorrow, including an interview at the event's main sponsor Z103.5 FM. Good luck spotting him Toronto and thank you Enrique, for your generosity!

What's that? You want that one extra autograph I got? You've got it, Mavenati! To qualify for the win leave me a comment with the name of your favourite Enrique Iglesias track off his new album Euphoria. One winner will be selected at random midnight October 1, 2010. Good luck!

Of course, I wouldn't leave you hanging without a few pictures, so check out these beauties:

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(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. LOL!!! the pic with that blonde cracks me up! So not flattering! She looks like she's ready to just "sluuuuurp" him up!! hahaha....

  2. Oh I do have a thing for Enrique. You guys get the better I Like It video - not fair as it usually airs on channels when I'm on the treadmill.

  3. Hey my name is Tanja, and I was a winner of the Meet and Greet I wore a pink shirt and have curly hair!!! If you have the picture of me and Enrique PLEASE send it to me

  4. Tanja, I'm sorry - I only have pics of Enrique. Good luck getting your photo.

  5. My favorite track is Dirty Dancer :) Thanks for that cool giveaway !! Youre amazing :)

  6. Dile Que! The most sensible and beautiful song! I love Spanish! I Love this song! Dile Que Lo Quiero!

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  9. Hi! Im Luise from Germany and i'm a really big fan of Enrique and i love him soo much. Too bad i didn't had the chance to see him yet but i would be soooooo happy if i'll be the lucky winner :D

    So my favourite song from his new album Euphoria is

    ''Why not me''

    Pleeeease let me win :( ;

    My e-mail-address is :

  10. I Like It is my fav jam from the album.