Sunday, May 30, 2010


Despite leading the pack early on Friday, Warner Bros.' Sex and the City 2 didn't have enough momentum to hold its lead on the Box Office tally this weekend slipping from first to third. Instead, Paramount's Shrek Forever After makes it two-for-two with an estimated $55.7 this Memorial Day weekend, as families flocked out to support the latest in the four-film franchise. Sex and the City 2 earned $37.1, or $51.3 including totals since its unique Thursday opening. Overseas, the film pulled in $27.6 million, bringing its international total to $78.9 million, meaning it should recoup its $100 million budget before next weekend. 

Disney's Prince of Persia by no means disgraced itself, accounting for second spot with $37.8 million this weekend domestically. Overseas it earned $28.3 million. The film however was made for $200 million, and it's doubtful whether it will earn this back in its theatrical run alone.  Again, if it were any other weekend Jake...  Sorry.

There isn't much else to report in terms of the Top Ten with Iron Man 2 still pulling in solid numbers in fourth spot with $16.3 million. Disney's How To Train Your Dragon is doing awfully well still, rounding out the Chart in tenth spot in its tenth week of release. The animated picture has made $212.6 million to-date and our friends at Awards Daily are pegging it as an early Oscar contender and I'd have to agree.

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