Saturday, May 29, 2010


Welcome back, Tom Cruise. Is it finally safe to say that the world has forgiven him for that Oprah freak show and gotten over the fact he's just simply into Scientology?  You'd swear the man was a Serial Rapist the way he's been treated. Well I'm ready for him and actually quite excited to see this new action comedy Knight & Day with Cameron Diaz from Fox.

With the MTV Movie Awards just around the corner on June 6, 2010, Cruise reprises his role as Les Grossman, potty-mouthed Hollywood Mogul in Tropic Thunder for a series of promo spots for the show. He recorded one where he visits the set of Risky Business with an older incarnation of himself in Chinos, not approving of them. Also check out this amusing clip of him having a Business Meeting on the importance of maintaining an image, with Twilight's Robert Pattinson. By the end of it Grossman (Cruise) convinces Pattinson to wash his hair in dirt. Love it.

There are whipserings that with wife Katie Holmes visiting Toronto very soon, that he may tag along while she film the History Television mini-series The Kennedys, starring as Jackie Onassis.   Will keep my eyes peeled.

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