Thursday, May 13, 2010


I've told you time and again that Sydney-cum-New York native Naomi Watts is well on her way to becoming Hollywood's hottest actress and it's happening right before our eyes.  She has just signed on to star in Blonde, based on a novel which imagines the life of iconic Marilyn Monroe.  Filming is set to begin January 2011 and the project will be directed by Andrew Dominik who brought us The Assassination of Jesse James (no, not Sandra Bullock's shamed ex!) by the Coward Robert Ford.  Another amazing actress Michelle Williams, is also tapped to play the iconic Blonde this September when production begins on My Week With Marilyn from The Weinstein Co.

Watts does drama beautifully with her understated elegance and has the emotional depth to pay tribute to such a complex figure. Monroe lived a glamorous yet very tortured life and Watts is right at home in these types of roles.  Who wouldn't want to see this juicy goodness?

So let's do a quick tally: Watts has an early Oscar contender in Fair Game (opposite Sean Penn), You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (Woody Allen), Toronto-shot Dream House (opposite Daniel Craig) and now this plum role lined up to keep her in the spotlight for the next while.  She owes her Agent a raise as she's sure come a long way since having to borrow money from Nicole Kidman to pay her rent.  Well done.  (Photo credit: Black Book Magazine)

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