Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Filming for director Jim Sheridan's (My Left Foot, Get Rich or Die Tryin') latest project Dream House began in and around Toronto in February, moving from the downtown core to Guelph, Newmarket and Oakville.  The thriller stars hunky thespian-turned-James Bond actor Daniel Craig, alongside Oscar winner Rachel Weisz and Oscar nominee Naomi Watts.  The story centers around a man (Craig), his wife (Weisz) and two daughters who relocate from New York to Connecticut.  After believing that they have found their ideal home, things start going horribly wrong after they discover through their neighbour (Watts), that a horrific occurrences had taken place prior in the home.  Looks juicy.

Although there is no set release date for Dream House, it will likely be in theatres early-mid 2011 via Universal Pictures.  Production is only at the half-way mark, with filming in Oakville to end March 31, 2010.  Scenes were being filmed today at scenic Gairloch Gardens where the production crew built a demo home to model one of the lavish homes on garden grounds.   The demo home will be featured in outdoor shots, while the indoor scenes are filmed in the actual home itself.   Snow and fog machines are being used to create a wintry effect.  It was reported that the demo home will be burned down during the wee hours of the final shooting night in Oakville.

After starting filming today around 2:00 PM EST, Craig and Watts arrived back at the police guarded set after a lunch break at 5:30 PM EST in separate black Cadillac Escalades.  They were transported back and forth from the crew's trailer to the set, opting not to walk outdoors due to cold weather.  Watts could be seen in the passenger seat of her SUV chatting on her cell phone while Craig prefers to sit in the backseat.  Daily filming wraps typically around 1:00 AM, after which the principal cast members are shuttled back to a hotel in downtown Toronto.  Right now the cast and crew get weekends off to enjoy the city and Craig's partner Satsuki Mitchell has flown in a few times already to show her support.  Craig also threw a party this past Saturday to congratulate his fellow cast and crew members on reaching the half-way mark in filming.  

Many locals in the area have been camping outside Gairloch Gardens in hopes of catching a glimpse of Craig.  With the weather being warm last Friday, he actually came out and did a round of autographs after midnight speaking to fans in an American accent fully in-character.  He apparently is not allowing photographs with fans on-set in an effort to keep film details under wraps.  Craig is said to be generous with autographs on a one-per-person basis as he is well aware of the eBayers out there who are profiting from him.  One of the friendly crew members kindly offered to hand over my 8x10 and return envelope to Craig's assistant to be signed due to the intolerably cold weather.  

To those of you looking to catch a glimpse of Craig while he is in Oakville, you have another week left to do so.  If you are unfamiliar with celebrity etiquette, always remember to stand clear of incoming traffic to the set and always ask the crew kindly if you want pertinent details or tips.  Remember that they are working and never step over boundaries.  And of course, be mindful of the actors' privacy because if they do not wish to be seen, never force your way through; always respect their privacy.   If you are lucky enough to get the opportunity to have something signed, come with something tasteful for the actors to sign and bring a Sharpie just in case.  Craig will not sign photos of himself in those famous blue swim trunks from Casino Royale... you have been warned.  For directions to Gairloch Gardens, visit its official webpage here.  Good luck!

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

UPDATE (3/29/10): Look what came in the mail.

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