Sunday, February 14, 2010


Mega-romantic comedy Valentine's Day from Warner Bros.' obliterated the competition it its opening weekend of its namesake.  The celebfest brought in $52.4 million from 3,655 screens, knocking one-week champion Dear John out of top spot.  Despite terrible reviews overall, it just goes to show how you can put a bunch of pretty faces on a screen with minimal plot and movie-goers are still happy with a bit of that razzle dazzle.  A review will be coming soon.  Dear John dropped to fifth this week, still bringing in an impressive $15.3 million.

Coming in second was Percy Jackson & The Olympians which in all honesty I've heard nothing about at all.  The animated feature from Fox earned a staggering $31.4 million on a very busy Valentine's Day weekend. 

Much-anticipated The Wolfman from Universal Pictures performed below well, well below expectations in third just getting edged out of second spot with $30.6 million.  The film was made for $150 million, which means a huge loss for the studio.  Perhaps Benicio Del Toro, despite being a fine actor, just doesn't have the star power to carry a big budget film like this as he also headlined Steven Soderbergh's four hour-long epic Che last year and that also failed to impress.

Avatar slips to fourth this week,  bringing Fox $22 million, which makes me wonder, in its ninth week in the Top Ten, who really is still crawling out to the theatre to see it for it to be bringing in these numbers still?

Oscar-buzzed Crazy Heart is also performing quite well in ninth place, earning $4 million from 1,000 screens, bringing its total earnings to $16.5 million.  Not bad from a $7 million investment by Fox Searchlight.

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  1. I finally saw Avatar this weekend, and I paid $15 to see it in IMAX. The theater was about 3/4 full on a Saturday morning, and almost all of the people I went with were on viewing #2. So go figure.