Monday, February 15, 2010


Hello Mavenati!

Happy Family Day to my friends in Ontario and Happy President's Day to my American friends!  I'd just like to wish a warm welcome to my new readers and a warm hug to my loyal readers. I do go over my readership numbers every few days and have noticed a significant influx of new readers over the past couple weeks.

Although it's a mixed bag of surprises that you'll find here, I hope you'll take a moment out of your day to subscribe to MR. WILL-W.:POP MAVEN by clicking here. This would mean a lot to me.


My YouTube Channel which recently reached one million views also continues to gain popularity and today it charted as Canada's #12 Most Viewed YouTube Channel. Take a moment to peruse through my collection of videos if you have a moment!  Surely you'll find something you'll like there.

I am grateful for all your continued support and invite any feedback that you have, positive or negative at  I love e-mails and I love to give you that little bit of distraction you need in your stressful day.  Please continue to spread the word if you like what you read.