Sunday, February 14, 2010


Danish super-group Alphabeat have just leaked this medley of Telephone/Bad Romance (AlphaMonsterMashUp) originally by Lady Gaga, to commemorate the launch of The Monster Ball World Tour's UK leg.  They were been hand-picked by Gaga herself as the tour's opening act.  The track is featured as Song of the Day at pop music authority PopJustice and rightfully so. 

In all honesty, I didn't really enjoy the group's Polydor Records (Universal Music) sophomore effort The Spell nearly as much as their debut This is Alphabeat from EMI. The second album bordered a bit too much on camp to be taken seriously in my opinion, whereas the first album was just the right balance between camp and proper pop. But this right here, is good stuff.  The music takes a bit more of a supporting role behind lead female vocalist Stine Bramsen, who sounds solid. Four minutes of 90sliciousness.

The single is available for those of you in the UK, as a free download in  Unfortunately though the track is not available internationally.

Listen to a AlphaMonsterMashUp by Alphabeat (audio content owned by Universal Music):


  1. I thought "The Spell" was brilliant. Great early 90s dance sound and super catchy and infectuous.

  2. I love the album, and I really like this cover. Still don't think we are going to see a North American release, though.

  3. Thanks for this! Can't wait to take a listen when I get home from work. I loved Alphabeat's debut, but like you, I was more than a little disappointed by their second. I wish they were opening for Gaga here in the US. Although I'm kind of glad they aren't, because then I'd kick myself even more for not being able to get tickets!

  4. Ahh! This track is the best!!! I just hate the fact that Alphabeat has no proper distribution in North America. We get their releases far too late and this track even though it is meant for novelty only, isn't even available here digitally:(