Sunday, January 24, 2010


Timed well in advance of the May theatrical release for Sex and The City: The Movie 2, Canadian Chocolatier Laura Secord has released its own line of official Sex and The City chocolates.  Sold in boxes of four, these truffles each represent one of the series' four heroines.   

Carrie's Milk Chocolate Cosmopolitan is depicted by a New York City skyline, while Miranda's Dark Chocolate Caramel Almond represents her understand elegance with a simple cream coloured graphic print.  Sexy Samantha's Milk Chocolate Champagne is a celebration with a sassy leopard print graphic and lastly Charlotte's Dark Chocolate Lemon Raspberry's sweetness is display through cute - what I'm assuming  - is a Manolo Blahnik-inspired graphic.

Upon sampling each of these delectable goodies sold at $8.99 CAN a box, I must say that I prefer Charlotte's best.  What the heck, they're all good and I demolished them all before I had a chance to really absorb their flavours. There will be a larger sized box made available soon at $18.99 CAN, likely to capitalize off the Valentine's Day rush.  Moregasmic.


  1. How did I not hear about this? Any chance this will hit the States too? Share the wealth! ;)