Sunday, January 3, 2010


Avatar just continues to slaughter the competition in its third week on top of the Box Office, earning an estimated $68.3 million in ticket sales this weekend.  In its short run, the film ranks as the world's fourth biggest film of all time, just surpassing the $1 billion mark this weekend.  Incredible.

Sherlock Holmes, which I enjoyed very much, came in a distant second at a still very excellent $38.3 million. Surely this is just the start of a successful franchise for the Warner Bros. film, making Robert Downey Jr. perhaps the most bankable male actor in Hollywood today heading both this and the wildly popular Iron Man series.

Fox's Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakuel continues to nail those high notes with a $36.6 million take this weekend, easily beating out its closest competition in the animated genre, Buena Vista's The Princess and The Frog, which placed seventh this weekend with $10 million.

My personal favourite NINE still continues to underperform, rounding out the Top Ten with $4.2 million this weekend, bringing its total North American earnings to $14 million in its second week in wide release.  The film opens overseas soon and will likely fare much better internationally.  I've seen it four times already!

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  1. re AVATAR: the more i think about it, the less inclined i am to think i even liked it.

    $1 billion? 3-D isn't like a new technology or anything.

    haven't seen NINE yet.