Friday, June 1, 2012


Still from The Intouchables
Based upon a True Story, The Intouchables in one of the first truly heartwarming Moviegoing experiences of 2012. The Dramedy co-directed by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, is an uplifting Portrait of Friendship and how love and compassion transcends the confines of Class, Ethnicity and Pasts. The Film centers on a wealthy Quadraplegic named Philippe (François Cluzet) and his street-savvy Caretaker Driss (Omar Sy) in the unlikeliest of pairings.

Philippe and Driss are brought together after the former injures himself permanently in a Paragliding accident. Left with little to be hopeful for, things change when Driss is hired as his Caretaker. Gradually, we see their Bond fortified, filling voids in one other's lives: Philippe - a Father-like companion and Driss – a Son-like friend. While caring for Philippe, Driss is faced with the challenge of also being present for his troubled Brother Adama (Cyril Mendy), a constant and sobering reminder of whom he is despite his new life of luxury alongside Philippe. Meanwhile, Philippe's zest for life is revitalized by Driss' infectious confidence and soon he finds himself on the verge of finding love once again for the first time since his Wife had passed away.

The Intouchables is driven greatly by the brilliant Chemistry between its two Lead Actors Cluzet and Sy. Despite their generational differences - a trigger which enables many of the Film's most hilarious moments - we truly get an opportunity to tap into the souls of these two Men and actually be a part of their Friendship. Alliance Films releases The Intouchables on June 1, 2012. Bring a Friend, take Dad.