Sunday, June 10, 2012


Gap-Tooth Models
Perhaps Lauren Hutton, Madonna and Lara Stone (respectively) started the rage first, but is it a coincidence that two of this Summer's most visible Ad Campaigns are fronted by Models with one distinguishable trait? Gap-Teeth. 

Although Kate Moss has in recent years become synonymous with Rimmel, Georgia May Jagger - daughter of Mick & Jeri Hall - has taken the reigns for the Cosmetics Company becoming instantly recognizable for her soon-to-be-famous dental chasm.  "Get the London Look", she tells us with her inviting eyes and seductive lips.

International Clothier GAP also has fittingly played on the pun of their name, utilizing the looks of another gap-tooth Model in their Be Your Own T Campaign. The doe-eyed blonde Model steals every Group Shot in which she appears and is perhaps the single most identifiable thing about the Campaign.  I don't even remember a thing about their Tees or what might be so unique about them, to be honest ...but I remembered the Model.

On another level though, this is a Statement about the changing norms of the perfection-obsessed Fashion Industry.  What can be seen as a flaw by many now is being placed front and center as a statement of self-acceptance. How could one not support that?

(Photo credit: GAP/Rimmel)